Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Farmer's Market at First UMC Every Saturday

Unfortunately, the rain during May and June has pushed back much of our summer crops--but soon you'll have the opportunity to come to the church and buy and sell the produce of your own gardens and farms.

Beginning July 12, we'll have a farmer's market every Saturday morning through the growing season. Bring your own tables to set up your squash, corn, tomatoes, onions, eggs, and other things you've been growing. Please no garage sale items (that'll come later)

If you'd like to contribute a portion of your sales for the mission work of this congregation, we welcome you to do that!

Also--on the same day as the first farmer's market, the Boy Scouts will be doing some disaster drills behind the church. You're welcome to come by and help them by being a victim, or learning some of the tips to "be prepared" for floods, toronados, and other disasters. Come see us on the morning of the 12th!

July 27 Sermon: "Like"

Scriptures: Lectionary from Romans and Matthew

Gabcast! Sermons #12 - July 27 Sermon, "Like"

This sermon illustrates how Jesus uses parables, and examines the parable of the leaven and the parable of the hidden treasure in detail.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Youth Lake Day this Saturday

The youth will be on the lake this Saturday the 26th for skiing, tubing, and fun. We'll meet at 9am at the church so we can beat the heat of the day (not bad if you're in the water, but what about everyone else in the boat?) .
We'll bring sandwhich stuff for lunch, so if you're interested in going, make sure Kaylee or Nathan know so they can tell you what to bring.
Lake Okmulgee is to the West of Okmulgee about 7 or 8 miles on Hwy 56. You can get to Debbie's by passing the spillway, then looking for a sign that says "Dripping Springs: 5 miles." After that sign, you'll see a road on the left called "Rocky Hill Rd." Go down that road for about a mile when you'll see some railroad ties in front of a trailer park. Look for Debbie's car. Not much parking available, so try try try to be there at 9am at the church so we can carpool.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photos from July 4 Family Life Picnic and Fireworks show

This was a great event, as I'm sure you can see. If you'd like to attend the next family life outing, there will be a retreat on August 3 at the YMCA--be there to enjoy the YMCA facilities, play some basketball or raquetball, and swim in the pool!