Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Springfest/Silent Auction at Circle of Care, our UM Children's Home

Here is an email message I received and wasn't able to bring to church (since I wasn't there) this past Sunday. If you don't have plans on Saturday, consider going to Talequah to participate!

Greetings: Here is a "friendly reminder" of the upcoming Spring Fest. One new feature has been added. We will also have on display a Marine flying memorial to all Vietnam Veterans, the huge YL-37 Sikorsky helicopter. This is the big one that holds about 20 people. It was also known as the "Ugly Angel" by many, but I'm sure their hearts pounded when they heard and saw it coming. During the many missions she flew, it was fired upon many times by the Vietcong. Today she wears 54 patches over bullet holes. They operated out of every major air base in 1-Corps, S Vietnam , hospital ships and many aircraft carriers. The historic YL-37 is flown today with some of her surviving crew members, bringing to life the role in history she played to a new generation of young people as part of the "hands on" educational process. And she will be here on our campus for our Spring Fest. Come and enjoy seeing her!

Spring Fest will be on Saturday, May 12th from 1-6 PM. The event will also include: a Art Show with local artist Mike Daniel, a Car Show, a Silent Auction, music, face painting, pony rides, a petting zoo, open tours through our girl's cottages, burgers and trimmings for sale at the concessions, and ending with a Chapel service conducted by our Chaplin, Rev. Linda Pope .

I am asking that you and some of your groups help us with the silent auction before and on that day. We need donations for the silent auction, and helpers to help set up, and tally for the event. If your UMW groups, SS, UMM, or others would like to help make or gather items for this even, PLEASE... do so. Many enjoy making the theme baskets like they use at the UM Boys Ranch Rodeo, or certificates from retailers and businesses that provide services are also much welcomed. Quilts are a big seller, floral wreaths and centerpieces are also 'hot' items. Actually I've seen some very unusual items that went over well at these types of evens, so really there is no limit to what a person or group could come up with for a donation to the auction.

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