Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Should I be baptized again?

As I am preparing to baptize some of our youth this Sunday by immersion (my first time to do so--we will meet at 10am at the Disciples of Christ Church on 3rd st), I wandered across this great article relating to baptism.
Those in our neck of the woods who were baptized as infants have likely been questioned about that practice and have perhaps even doubted the validity of our own baptism because of the seemingly airtight arguments of those who disagree with infant baptism. If you've ever found yourself wondering "well, should I be baptized again?," the author of this article makes a pretty strong case for the historical and theological "defense" of infant baptism. It is written by an Orthodox priest, and has many scriptural and historical warrants for infant baptism. We also have an excellent resource ( a bit longer ) linked on our sidebar on the United Methodist Undertanding of Baptism called "By Water and the Spirit."

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