Sunday, June 15, 2008

5 Practices of fruitful congregations sermon 3--Intentional Faith Development: Sermon-Proof of Intent

Sermon Texts: Proverbs 2: 1-15, Wisdom of Solomon: 7: 15, 24-30, Acts 2: 42-47
Gabcast! Sermons #6

Gabcast! Sermons #6

Our faith is a vitally important part of our lives that needs to be
____nurtured___________, ______tended_________, and _____cared for__________ .
Bishop Schnase says, “From the first generation of Christians to the
early Methodists to the youngest generations of faithful members today,
the followers of Jesus __mature_____________ in faith by ___learning____________
together in ___community____________ ....”
“Growing in ____Christ___________ - _______likeness________ is the goal and end
of faith.”
As Schnase points out – and as we United Methodists firmly believe –
this is an ___ongoing____________ ______process_________ that “spans a
Examples of faith development opportunities:
Participating in Bible Study
Sunday School
Visiting the prayer chapel during the office hours of the week. Value of pilgrimage
cultivating prayer
being in covenant--being accountable

By suggesting that faith development should be “intentional,” Bishop
Schnase says it requires “deliberate _effort______________ , purposeful
___action____________ , and high __prioritization_____________ .”
St. Jerome once said, “Ignorance of ____Scripture___________ is ignorance of
___Christ____________ .”


  1. So I'm curious---how's the sermon series going? How's it being received? If you have any stories to share, post them on Thanks, and blessings.

  2. Hey Bishop,
    The sermon series is going well I think. Well received so far, and the themes have provoked interest and I believe a deepening commitment to the church's ministries. Our companion book study has come up with some great ideas that we plan to compile and record for our church's strategic plan. I'll get this all to the resource, because I know I've benefited from it and want to contribute. I've used Marion, IL's sermon notes inserts for our sermon series, and that has gone pretty well. I've never done the "fill in the blank" thing before, and it has really helped a few in the congregation.