Monday, August 25, 2008

40 Days of Purpose--oops

We have started the period of discernment prior to our Church Conference on Oct. 2. This period of discernment, called "40 Days of Purpose" is being carried out by all United Methodist churches in the Oklahoma Conference. In worship, we will be hearing sermons instigated by the scripture that everyone who picked up a devotional guide will be meditating on in the week to follow. If you have not been able to pick up a devotional guide, you can click the link in the previous sentence. If you picked one up from the church, you need to read it backwards--You should begin on day 40, not day 1. (You count down, not up). The conference office sent those to us, and stapled them incorrectly. Sorry! But you can see what it feels lke to be a lefty for forty days!

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