Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Sermon Series to Begin Oct. 12: "Faith and the Spirits of Politics"

Hopefully the title of the Sermon Series gets your attention, but to clarify: No, I'm not going to be preaching about partisan politics, or endorsing any candidate from the pulpit--instead we're going to be focusing on five "spirits" of politics that characterize our human condition. We will be using the term "politics" in a general way, that is "social relations involving authority and power." The politics that will be covered are a politics of compassion, politics of isolation, politics of resentment, politics of domination, and on All Saints Sunday, we will remember our loved ones who have passed away during the year and hear about the politics of eternity. So, yes, this is hopefully a timely sermon series due to the fact that we are in a presidential election season, but no, this isn't a sermon series that will encourage partisan politics.

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