Thursday, May 07, 2009

May 3rd Sermon, Love is Real

 Sermon Texts: John 6: 1-7 and 1 John

Don’t you think the word “love” has lost some of its potency?  We use it in this day and age to mean so many things.  “I love a good steak.” 


This is why John’s advice is especially crucial for us today.  He cuts through the hollowness of language.  He says, like John Lennon later wrote in a song:


Love is Real.  It is real when we put it into action. 


Actions Speak Louder than Words:

Favorite saying of my mother. 


This is crucial for us to understand, because it is the way of Jesus. 


Book by Eugene Peterson.


This is the way of Christ—it is acting out of love for our brothers and sisters.  Just in case we think “laying down our life for our brother or sister” is too demanding, John de-literalizes it for us.  If we have the means to help someone in need, and yet we do not—it is obvious to the world and to God that we have no interest in this person called Jesus Christ.  If we profess Jesus as the truth, and yet make no attempt to follow Jesus as the way, we dishonor God\


V. 24: Mutual indwelling.  In Christ

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