Friday, August 14, 2009

New Sermon Series begins Aug. 16: Family Ties

Okay, not this "Family Ties." :) August 16, we're going to begin a series of sermons that explores the practices and attitudes that strengthen the family life that we find in scripture and Christian tradition.
First up we'll be exploring how we approach eating: do we enjoy a family meal? What is the value of eating together instead of parking in front of the t.v. to have our meals? What does the Bible say about food and mealtime?
Aug. 23 we'll look at the cycle of work and rest, and what that can mean for a family. Do we model a healthy perspective of work for those around us, or is "workaholism" something with which we wrestle? What is the Sabbath and how do we know if we're keeping it?
Aug. 30, we'll be discussing the power of Authentic Relationships and the Parenting Virtues of Hope, Humility, and Hospitality. Martin Buber spoke of a God formed relationship being one in which we come to view the people around us as "Thous" and not just "yous." It's a perspective that we can take on to form our spiritual life and the lives of those most important to us. What needs to change in your life in order to think of others as "Thou?"
Sept.6 the sermon topic will be Confession and Apologizing. How do we give and receive an apology? Is "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me" really true? Why is what we say so important?

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