Monday, March 22, 2010

Holy Week Schedule

This coming Sunday, March 28, we will begin our observance of Holy Week with our Palm Sunday service at 10:55am and Easter banquet and Easter Egg Hunt after church. Yes, we jump the gun a little with Easter activities, but we know many families have Easter lunches of their own on Easter Sunday, so we meet together on this Sunday to eat together as a church family. Everyone is welcome to bring a dish and join in the meal. Ham is provided by the UMW.

On Thursday at 7pm, we will remember the Last Supper and the Great Commandment of Jesus in our Maundy Thursday service. The service concludes with the ritual of stripping the sanctuary, which is a reminder that the sadness and grief of Good Friday happened after this meal of love and fellowship.

On Friday at 7pm, we will gather to hear the solemn story of the betrayal, abandonment and crucifixion at the Good Friday Tenebrae. "Tenebrae," or "Darkness" is based on a twelfth-century late night/early morning service, and is fairly stark and simple. Participation in the service typically enhances the power and reality of Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday is the most important occasion of the Christian Year. It is when the bold message of the resurrection is loudly and beautifully celebrated in song and in word. Our Easter Sunday celebration will begin at 10:55 am and continue for the rest of the year!
Communion will be served on Easter Sunday, so that Christ Jesus may be known "in the breaking of the bread." All are welcome to receive our Holy Sacrament.

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