Monday, March 07, 2011

Transfiguring Us Out

Texts: 2 Peter and Matthew

Sermon Notes:
This is always the scripture we hear right before we head into lent.
Reminder that it’s not just on the mountaintop with his face shining that Jesus exhibits the true nature of our God.
Also in the valley.
Transfiguring us (out)
Can we be transfigured? Can we change from one thing to another? Can we change from unappreciative, and self centered to humble and joyful?
Jesus tells a story about a boy who did just that in the prodigal son story. He tells of a loving God who longs to receive us into the arms of gladness.
Last week we spoke about Jesus’ proclamation to “not worry.” Can we be transfigured from worry-wart to care-free spirit. That seems like a pretty tall order! Can we overcome our “personality type?”
We hear about God taking Moses as a stuttering, hiding shepherd and making him into a someone who issues commands on behalf of God to the pharaoh, and then leading a people into the wilderness after a promise of a new land.
We see in this scripture and in most of the new testament, that Peter can sometimes be a bull-headed, stammering fool. And yet after the resurrection, he becomes an inspiring preacher, illuminating thousands of people with the light of Christ.
Ask God for the gift if you want to be changed, sometimes you’ve got to let something die inside you for something new to be born.
Paul spoke about this
I die daily. What is sown must die before being reaped in glory. We must be open to God doing open heart surgery on us. God will turn our hearts of stone into living things.
I will put a new heart and a new spirit within you.
O Splendor of God’s Glory Bright 679.
Miracle of Transfiguration in life
‘ ‘ in death.
Transfiguration as Sanctification. Big words.
We come closer to the image of God. We shine with the light of God in our lives, not only when we are on the mountaintop, but when we are living the law—living justice and mercy and devotion and worship.
This is the transfiguration station. We are here to be transfigured, and “transfigure out” our lives.

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