Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worship with us this Easter Season!

We invite you to join us for Easter Week!
First United Methodist Church of Morris
100 years in Morris, and here till Kingdom Come
“Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”
Where-ever you are in the “walk of life,” you will find a friend at the little white bricked church at the corner of Pekin and Hughes.  We are a welcoming congregation who would like to celebrate the Passion of Jesus Christ with you. 

April 17 Palm Sunday Worship Service, Banquet and Egg Hunt 10:55 am, (Sunday School 9:45am),
At this service, children remind us of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in the last week of his life by waving palm branches and singing. 
Afterwards, we provide the ham, and members bring the rest for a great pot-luck to which everyone is invited.  The kids always enjoy finding eggs around the yard, as parents and grandparents trail behind with cameras.

April 21: Maundy Thursday Last Supper Reenactment, 7pm
Yes, it’s on Thursday, not “Maundy.”  At this service we remember the last “maundatum,” or “mandate” of Christ to “Love one another as I have loved you.”  Here we celebrate communion (always open to all) by watching a portrayal of that moment captured in Da Vinci’s masterpiece when Jesus reveals that one of his own disciples will betray him.  The cast of characters in this short drama will be:

Bartholomew: Tim Stewart        Thomas: Nathan Mattox

James the Less: JustinVaugn      James Zebedee: Kevin Dellinger
Andrew: John Edmonds.            Philip: Carson Edmonds
Judas: Tim Davis                       Matthew: Anthony Suiter
Peter: Pat Edmonds                   Thaddeus: Carl King
John:     Atticus  Dellinger           Simon: Duane Lester
Martha: Maggie Barnes             Jesus: Shan Edmonds

April 22, Good Friday Tenebre Service, 7pm
In this “service of darkness,” candles are extinguished as the story of Jesus’ arrest, trial, and execution are read.

April 23, “Into the Tomb, Into the Darkness” Caving and Discussion at Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas 9am
This finale to our confirmation will give us the chance to go into a “tomb like” setting and prompt the discussion, “what does the Resurrection mean to you?” 

April 24 Easter Worship Service, 10:55am (Sunday School 9:45) Communion served and open to all. 
The most important Sunday of the year holds our most important message: God brings new birth and Grace fills the world! 

Easter Season Continues with celebration of new birth as we mark the days with these special occasions:
Confirmation Sunday: May 1st, 10:55am: Our young people make a profession of faith and celebrate their baptismal covenants.  Afterwards, we will volunteer at the Okmulgee Homeless Shelter to live out that profession. 
Mother’s Day Service: May 8th, 10:55am: Certainly those who give birth should be honored in the season we celebrate new birth!
 Honoring the Graduates: May 15, 10:55am: Finishing high school education is a big accomplishment.  This service focuses on achievement and wisdom.  
Centennial Sunday School Round-Up: May 22: 9:45am
This is our 100th year of ministry in Morris, but we’re a new church every time someone commits their life to Christ in our midst.  Oftentimes the relationships that nurture this commitment are found in Sunday School.  We’ll celebrate our 100th year of Sunday School by gathering together as we used to at the beginning of our church in Morris: arriving on horseback and meeting under the trees! 
Memorial Day Service: May 29, 10:55am: Sacrifice and new birth go hand in hand.  Sacrifice is required for new birth to occur.  At this service we remember the veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made.

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