Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 20 sermon: Come and See

These are just notes from my sermon. I preached more extemporaniously here than I usually do.

I'm intrigued by this invitation that Jesus gives his disciples to "Come and See" when he is asked where he lives.

Where does Jesus live around here? He might be telling us to "come and see" and we're not hearing it. Come and see where Chrsit lives.

Whereas the story tells us that Jesus took the disciples to his house, perhaps now when we respond to Christ's call to "come and see," we'll find that he's not staying in one place. In order to see where he's staying, we must follow him.

When we respond, when we follow, Christ takes us by the arm and opens our eyes to the depths of things much like Amelie takes the blind man on the curb and describes to him in beautiful detail the world around him. Perhaps we are blind, since we fail to see the utterly intense beauty of the world and people around us. We pass through it like we are living in the darkness, as Isaiah says, but if we respond to the invitation to "come and see," we will be blessed with our eyes being opened for us. Christ describes all whom we encounter in ways that we were previously blind to. He helps us sense the "thou" in those whom we meet.

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